Linah Sanga – Raha Jipe Mwenyewe – Download Mp3



‘Linah’ is tiresome with desturbance from those men who are not smart in love. She decided to live free without any connections from those boring men. Will you be able to live like this?! Teh Teh,,,,

‘Raha Jipe Mwenyewe’ is a new song from Bongoflava singer ‘Linah Sanga’. It explain in detail of what I write on the first paragraph. Love relationship is tiresome but at the same time has sweetness.!

‘Raha Jipe Mwenyewe’ has been produced by ‘Mr T Touch’, A former producer of ‘Nay Wa Mitego’ when He was working at Freenation Studio. Freenation belong to ‘Mr Nay’.

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