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Sauti Sol Latest Song – Friendzone – Download Mp3


Sauti Sol Latest Song – Friendzone


Multi-award winning Afro-pop group ‘Sauti Sol’ release a hot new single ‘Friendzone’ written and produced by ‘Sauti Sol’. The release is accompanied by a WhatsApp themed, conversation like, Emoji-only (lyric) video

We all know that nobody (especially men 😂) like to be friend zoned 👫and ‘Sauti Sol’ makes that very clear in this song and video. Once in such a situation you will look for ways to maneuver 🏃your way out. Thus this song has a theme that every man can relate to and every lady can give testimony to💁.

‘Friendzone’ is a melange of vintage guitar riffs🎻 and African percussive rhythms coupled with new age synth sounds 🎶that blend greatly to give an international sonic appeal that will have every ‘Sauti Sol’ fan who is stuck in the ‘Friendzone’ Emoji-ing their way out of it 🏃.

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