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Ambassadors Of Christ Choir – Kwanini Umeyaruhusu – Mp3

Ambassadors Of Christ Choir
Ambassadors Of Christ Choir


‘Kwanini Umeyaruhusu’ by ‘Ambassadors Of Christ Choir’ now available for you to download. It is a Gospel song by this Choir from Rwanda singing in Grief for mourning their lost Choir members. ‘Ambassadors Of Christ Choir’ got accident when their bus crashed while they were in a trip to Tanzania in May 2011.

Today we share this song with you as we are mourning those pupils and staff who lost their live in a bus crash at Arusha. 36 people dead in this accident and other get injured. KIZOBRAX as a team, We send our Condolences greetings to the bereaved families and National at large.

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