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New Song: Ambwene Mwasongwe – Nguvu Ya Kujua – Mp3


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‘Ambwene Mwasonge’ releases a new song titled ‘Nguvu Ya Kujua’. ‘Ambwene Mwasonge’ is a gospel singer from Mbeya City and He is popular with his single ‘Majaribu Ni Mtaji’. The song was very popular between 2006 up t0 2009 and still a hit till now.

‘Nguvu Ya Kujua’ sing about a secret of knowing a certain things, Ambwene revealed that power may have a negative or positive impacts to human being. But most of the time the power of knowing aparticular thing may result to negative impacts, Just listen to this song and you will get to know how ‘Nguvu Ya Kujua’ may change your life significantly.

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