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Download Fanuel Sedekia Song – Manukato – Mp3


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‘Fanuel Sedekia’ was a gospel worship artist based in Arusha, Tanzania. He was well known for forming the band Evangelism through Music and for leading praise and worship teams at his local church. He has five albums to his name that did very well in the market.

His debut album was called Unaweza and he did a follow up for his third album of his first album called Unaweza Tena. He also worked at Kihama bookshop which was just near his church. Unfortunately he passed on January 4th 2009 after having a short illness.

He had travelled to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage with 58 other people and he had left when he was in good health, but he had a sudden illness and was rushed to Poria Hospital where he breathed his last breath.

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