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Download Hardmad New Song – Imebaki Story – Mp3



‘Hardmad’ comeback at the Tanzanian and International music scene. His style is a vibrant mix of reggae, dancehall, R’n’B and Bongo Flava and he is known as a energetic entertainer who is capable of singing both in a hard hitting ragga style, but also in a smooth laid back reggae vibe.

‘Hardmad’ is already a well-known artist at the Tanzanian Bongo Flava scene, but has not been releasing any albums the last couple of years. He is now working hard promoting his next album ‘Imebaki Story’ together with producer ‘Jakob Poll’ from Maisha Music.

‘Imebaki Story’ will contain both traditional roots reggae tracks and harder dancehall club tracks but also a couple of acoustic song with only guitar and percussion has found its way on the album. The many guest artists as Enika, Karen Mukupa (DK) and Phantom will make the album a interesting and diverted experience.

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