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King Kaka ft Yviona – Thug Love – Official Music Video

King Kaka
King Kaka


Rapper ‘King Kaka’ is known for his floetry and ability to effortlessly tell a story using rap while still creating a mental picture in the listener’s mind thus keeping you hooked to his jams.

This skilled rapper who brags of seven mixtapes and four albums has released the video to ‘Thug Love’ featuring Yviona, which is a single off his latest project, Its The King Mixtape. Yviona says that working with King Kaka has been “an amazing experience” adding that she fell in love with the beat the first time she heard it.

Yviona started singing at a young age, influenced by her mother who was a popular Gospel singer so she helped nurture her daughter’s dream. However, it was only until 2014 that she began singing professionally, starting off by recording herself then she sent her demo to Rapdamu who loved it then the journey began.

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