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Download Maher Zain – Thank You Allah – Mp3


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I first heard ‘Maher Zain’ when I was looking for a Ramadan Songs. Most songs are in English with a few songs that have mixed versions in Urdu & Arabic. From That time um happened to love his song very well. His voice is so clear and really just reaches my soul! The words are beautiful and heartfelt.

The music is very similar sounding to current soft pop songs, with beats incorporated. ‘Maher Zain’ comes from Mediterranean city of Tripoli – Lebanon. In this song, He says:

“I was so far from you, Yet to me you were always so close, I wandered lost in the dark, I closed my eyes toward the signs, You put in my way, I walked everyday, further and further away from you, Ooooo Allah, you brought me home, I thank you with every breath I take”.

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