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Martha Mwaipaja – Naiona Kesho – Download Mp3

Martha Mwaipaja
Martha Mwaipaja

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Gospel singer and a mother on one child ‘Martha Mwaipaja’ has released her new single titled ‘Naiona Kesho’. It is the song which carry the title of his new album ‘Naiona Kesho’ which has been release last few weeks in this year 2016.

Her new album contains a total of six song which are ‘Naiona Kesho, Nakutazama, Amenisaidia, Katika Maisha, Napendwa Na Baba, Nifundishe Kunyamaza’. Her new album is available in different shop, Just get your copy to support our local musician.

‘Naiona Kesho’ express the future expectations most of the human being have. We are passing through difficult situations in our life in this world, But we are not suppoed to lose hope because our Heaven Father always fight for us.

You don’t know when your player will be answered, But don’t worry ‘Kesho’ is around the corner when God’s answer will come out.

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