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Download Mash J ft G Nako – Taarifa – Mp3 Audio

Mash J
Mash J

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‘Mash J’ is famous with his hit song titled ‘Mpera Mpera’ featuring rapper ‘Stamina’ from Morogoro. He is out with his latest song ‘Taarifa’ featuring rapper ‘G Nako’ from Weusi music crew. The song ‘Taarifa’ has been recorded at ‘Kwanza Record’ located in Morogoro Town.

‘Taarifa’ is just a self boasting song which give warning to those who are competitors to ‘Mash J’. It also give some knowlegdes to the Youth on some of the trending life style in urban areas as well as at the peripheral.

In some manner the flow style of Rapper ‘Mash J’ gets some charecter which can be seen from Rapper ‘Stamina’ and this may be it is just because they are from the same Hood.!

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