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Download Miriam Chirwa – Ni Wema Wake Yesu – Mp3


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‘Miriam Chirwa’ is one of the Young talented Children who knows the will and waysof God. It hard to find some children who behave like this in the modern world but Thanks God we have them.

‘Miriam Chirwa’ is popular through her singing talent especially in singing Gospel Music. She recently featured with the mainstream singer ‘Kala Jeremiah’ in his latest single ‘Wana Ndoto’ which sing about the children life.

‘Ni Wema Wake Yesu’ sing about the Good things our almighty God are doing for us. ‘Mirism’ Tried to remind us “It is not our efforts which made us to be at the top, But it is only a God’s grace to us’. Enjoy this song and share with your friends.

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