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Download Nay Wa Mitego – Pale Kati Patamu – Mp3




The most anticipated song from rapper ‘Nay Wa Mitego’ has been leaked early today, Two days before Its official release on Monday July 11. The song titled ‘Pale Kati Patamu’ and was produced at ‘Free Nation’ studio in Dar es salaam, Few days before the leakage ‘Nay Wa Mitego’ revealed that “He is worrying to release his new song (Pale Kati Patamu) just because of the message presented in that song regarding his previous song ‘Shika Adabu Yako’ claimed to send immoral message, Therefore ‘Basata’ blocked Radio Airplay to that song (Shika Adabu Yako).

‘Pale Kati Patamu’ didn’t named any body but Its message seem to match with the Youth who love modern life style and not who love an ordinary life. Download and Enjoy this song.

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