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Singeli master and one of the oldest singer of Singeli music ‘Sholo Mwamba’ has debuted his new song named ‘Ghetto’, ‘Sholo Mwamba’ who is well known for his popular song like ‘Panya, Sembe Tembele and Mtoto Huyo’ debuted this song last week for radio version and also available in various online media.
The song ‘Ghetto’ sing about the local life which most of the low income earners used to live especially those who live in a poor environment, It explained how the resident of those areas accustomed with a dirtiness behavior and disrespect among them.
In general the song ‘Ghetto’ sing about the lifestyle of a Bachelor who have a Ghetto in Swazi area, It was produced by ‘Mesen Selekta‘.


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