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Singeli: Man Fongo – Lau Nafasi – Mp3 Download


Singeli: Man Fongo – Lau Nafasi


Makers Entertainment hitmaker, Man Fongo continues with his distinct style of ragga/dancehall with the visual treatment for his sensation tune that he titles “Lau Nafasi.”

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One thing about the musical ability that Man Fongo controls is his knack at switching between genre and tempo in a jiffy while still impressing at the same time.

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This is exactly what he manages to achieve with some good ol’ tribal highlife offering to match his initial fire and fury on love-inspired, turned energetic dance tune for the whole tribe.

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The music video for “Lau Nafasi” is just for the jolly as Man Fongo gets the support of the entire clan as they rock it out with some sick and slick dance steps without an absolute worry or care in the world.


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