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New Audio – Size 8 Reborn – Mapocho – Mp3

Size 8 Reborn
Size 8 Reborn


This song by ‘Size 8’ is bound to make you feel happy and appreciate life to the life you are living no matter the circumstance you are in. ‘Mapocho’ is all about giving thanks to God for every thing God has given you.

‘Mapocho’ is a name used to describe God’s blessings human life. How beautiful He put Human life together even when they are wrong, His love is never ending. Our God has been to good to us. The blessings in our life are more than we could ever imagine.

No amount of words can be used to thank our God. We are all blessed but many choose to see the problems in their lives more than the blessings. Remember the air you breathe is from GOD freely given to you.

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